It’s not easy to become a freelance writer, but revising sure can help.

A writer writing with her laptop
A writer writing with her laptop
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It’s not easy to be a freelance writer. There’s the hustle, the incessant search for new jobs, and the cold-sweat panic when you realize that the jobs you did land have deadlines that are rushing toward you. Even though the adrenaline rush can be fantastic, the stress is still a lot to take.

We’ve all been there — a deadline is tomorrow (or yesterday), and you think that this text is perfectly fine. Sure, it’s not the best thing you’ve ever written, but it’s not the worst either. Things can’t always be perfect, can they?

It’s true that they can’t…

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It’s springtime, which means that Mother’s Day is coming soon. In case you forgot that it’s that time again, there are plenty of ads everywhere—on the radio, popping up on your browser, and in the aisles of your local drugstore—to remind you of the festivities.

Generally speaking, it’s been a rough year or so for moms. Frankly, being a mom is hard enough without having to contend with a global pandemic and the uncertainty it visited on the world. The COVID-19 pandemic was an actual plague, and it was hard on everyone, regardless of whether they have kids or not…

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New leaves outside my window speak of springtime on the way, but the air is crisp and cool. Yesterday, I taught my toddler the glissando of a cardinal’s call. He repeated it after me, pointing tiny fingers at a flash of red on a branch above us. We made our way around the garden and examined the new leaves on a rose bush, the new buds on a daffodil.

Back when my little one was nestled inside me like a bean, I made the rounds myself. I whispered to my belly and the secret person inside all about the new…

An exercise in inhabiting contradictions

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Delicate and gritty, golden and heart-wrenching, intimate and epic: ‘Firelight’ is an exercise in inhabiting contradictions. It sits in that sweet spot right in the center of the chest, swaddling us in a blanket of vocals and pianos. The slow, steady groove leaves us with no choice but to move our bodies in time to the music. Our very ligaments twist and turn when the synth hook comes in with a hard hitting bass after the initial chorus.

All subtly layered and treated vocals dripping in reverb, ‘Firelight’ opens with lead singer Nicole Miglis posing a lonesome, double-edged question: “Sunshine…

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“If I could make this go right I’d go home.Then all I’d ever learned would fade away, like a photograph, a word in a mouth…” the sound of her voice fills the room, accompanied by folky guitar fingerpicking, “We’re like barefoot angels that glow in the dark. Sing it hard, sing it hard, sing it lonely….” her voice trails off and now the guitar is left alone, filling the room with stardust and visions. I’m mesmerized, and, frankly, a little stoned. But regardless of the weed induced lethargy creeping in my muscles, I can’t stop staring at this woman who…

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Last week I sat down at the end of a long day to watch Netflix with my wife and sister-in-law. We were all kind of beat (working from home during a pandemic while caring for a toddler will do that) and just wanted something silly. “Have you seen ‘Emily in Paris’ yet?” my sister-in-law asked, “it’s pretty funny and light-hearted.” Sounded pretty perfect so we poured a glass of wine and settled in.

Truthfully, the show is very funny and light-hearted. The premise — young American meets the big world, cue the cute misunderstanding and sexy foreigners — is a…

The CARES Act, passed by the federal government on March 27, is significant in many ways, not least because it acknowledges freelancers as eligible for unemployment benefits for the first time as part of the hefty $2 trillion package. The Act also recognizes self-employed individuals as small businesses, thereby making them eligible for the Paycheck Protection Program, a new forgivable loan offered by the Small Business Administration.

However, many freelancers who have found themselves out of work and unable to pay their bills due to the COVID-19 pandemic are finding it nearly impossible to apply for unemployment. …

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Looking around the internet, it seems like being grateful is the most frequently recommended solution to many problems. Dozens of self-help books and articles have been published on the topic, encouraging us to keep journals, develop mantras, practice thankfulness meditation.

It’s true — being grateful will lead to more happiness, more appreciation, a more developed sense of awe. More ability to be present, alive in the moment instead of thinking about what was or what is yet to come.

Why does gratitude seem so hard?

Being grateful can seem like a chore, one more thing we’re not doing well enough. Sometimes just thinking of something to…

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Writing about mamahood, music, & lgbtq+ rights for Kveller, Motherfigure, GO Magazine & Wild Honey Pie • Reporting for Zenger News & Newsweek •

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