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Bo: Time is a Spiral

When I tell people that Judaism marks a new year four times during each Gregorian year, they’re usually a little confused. Surely that can’t be right, their eyes seem to say, because how would you know what year you’re in?

But it is true. Time doesn’t have to be a linear progression from point A to B and on into the so-called future; it’s fully possible to be inhabiting several layers of time at once. I’m not in just one…




Writer • Editor • Musician • Mama • Writing words for @bhg @healthmagazine @parentsmagazine @hey_alma @realsimple @thestartup_ @lilithmagazine

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Mikhal Weiner

Mikhal Weiner

Writer • Editor • Musician • Mama • Writing words for @bhg @healthmagazine @parentsmagazine @hey_alma @realsimple @thestartup_ @lilithmagazine

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