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Metzora: Be the Change

My wife and I joke that our kiddo has been an active little one since before he was anyone at all. At our first ultrasound, when he was the size of a blueberry, the technician kept moving the sensor around because our little bean was flipping out of the frame. He kicked nonstop in my uterus, sometimes waking my wife with the force of his fetal movements.




Writer • Editor • Musician • Mama • Writing words for @bhg @healthmagazine @parentsmagazine @hey_alma @realsimple @thestartup_ @lilithmagazine

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Mikhal Weiner

Mikhal Weiner

Writer • Editor • Musician • Mama • Writing words for @bhg @healthmagazine @parentsmagazine @hey_alma @realsimple @thestartup_ @lilithmagazine

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