Tazria: Sometimes We Need to Be Seen

The Torah portion for this week is not a fun read. Let’s just be really honest about that. Nearly all the verses, which span the length of two chapters in the book of Leviticus, talk about skin lesions. In great detail.

“When a person has on the skin of the body a swelling, a rash, or a discoloration, and it develops into a scaly affection on the skin of the body, it shall be reported the person…




Writer • Editor • Musician • Mama • Writing words for @bhg @healthmagazine @parentsmagazine @hey_alma @realsimple @thestartup_ @lilithmagazine

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Mikhal Weiner

Mikhal Weiner

Writer • Editor • Musician • Mama • Writing words for @bhg @healthmagazine @parentsmagazine @hey_alma @realsimple @thestartup_ @lilithmagazine

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